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Who We Are

STEM QUEENS is part of the Energy Angels Project. It is a partnership between the Australian oil, gas and energy consultancy MT Energy Resources Ltd and the Ugandan non-profit organization Bambino Life foundation. As part of the Energy Angels project, we work with schools and universities worldwide, STEM companies, international business communities, governmental organisations, social and STEM entrepreneurs, Energy and STEM global champions, corporates and global business leaders to create access to local and international sponsorship, mentorship and coaching, training and learning opportunities, investors, procurement opportunities to the girls and women in need. By increasing the representation of girls and women in STEM fields through ongoing efforts to train and sponsor them, we hope to help break the poverty cycle, address gender inequality issues, empower women and create economic growth.

Sustainable Development Goals

In our effort, we are trying to reach the following United Nations Sustainable development goals
  • Goal 1: Eliminate poverty
  • Goal 4: Quality education
  • Goal 5: Gender equality
  • Goal 8: Decent work and economic growth

Our Mission

We want to become the platform that helps African women and girls achieve their fullest potential and participate in the Africa STEM economy.

Our Vision

  • Increase women representation in STEM fields in Africa
  • Empower under privileged African women and girls financially
  • Break the cycle of poverty in African women in communities at risk
  • Stimulate Africa STEM economy