Our Founder

MIREILLE TOULEKIMA is an Award-Winning Global Entrepreneur, Global Energy Consultant, Global executive Mentor & Coach, a three-times Published Author, International Speaker, Humanitarian, Ambassador and women empowerment advocate & champion with a particular focus on underprivileged communities. She founded the Perth Australia based consultancy MT Energy Resources Ltd in 2016, Mireille Toulekima Global Leadership Organisation in 2017 and STEM QUEENS Uganda in 2018 and contributes to several women leadership, technical and Think Tank groups around the world.

Mireille gained her experience working in Africa, Europe, Asia and Australia. She has lived in and visited more than 30 countries and speaks five languages. Known globally for being an inspirational woman who enjoys big challenges, she embodies authenticity, leadership, positivity, spiritual strength and feminine power. She is part of the new wave of women who have embraced spiritual consciousness, mindfulness as well as non-traditional sectors, globalization, innovation and digital disruption, who dare to think differently, risk high and dream big.

Following the publication of her 2nd book called “Stepping into your greatness: Twelve rules for building an outstanding life in 2016, Mireille developed an Authentic Leadership Method called D.A.R.E (Decide Act Review Expand), launched the Greatness Engineering Movement in 2018, started the Greatness Engineering Hour Show in 2019. Through the platforms she’s created, Mireille’s mission is to encourage and inspire individual to become the best version of themselves and help them to reach self-actualisation.

Our Managing Director

ASHABA FARIDAH is a pilot in Uganda, East Africa. She is the Founder and the Chief Executive Officer of Bambino Life Foundation, an organization that focuses on promoting girl child education & empowerment, creating awareness about children living with disabilities and providing a sustainable environment to children living in orphanages.

Ashaba believes in breaking stereotypes. Around September 2018, she became the Director of STEM Queens Uganda, an initiative that encourages young girls to participate in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Her objective behind joining the initiative is to empower young girls mentally, prepare them to step into the male dominating world with confidence and to bring more significance to the idea of inclusion in STEM roles. In the same year, she also became the Chairperson of Global Goodwill Ambassadors (GGA), Uganda Chapter to promote great opportunities for those in need.

Ashaba was also selected to be 1 of the 9 innovators to represent the UN women “Impossible to Ignore” campaign that launched the she innovates global program on international womens’ day. Some of the figures featured were Dr Christyl Johnson, the first female African-American deputy director of NASA. The campaign appeared all across the world from places like The economist, Westfield, NASDAQ, Walgreens, Time square, the world trade center and across all digital platforms in UK

Recently, Ashaba gave her first TEDx talk held in Kigali, hosted by the European Union, wherein she emphasized on why girls need relatable role models. As an inspiration to many, she strongly believes that girls should focus on who they want to be than what the society expects them. She was recently appointed as the international spokesperson for the Global Goodwill Ambassadors and a spokeswoman for the World Youth Summit!